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Christopher J. Hadnagy

Human Hacker

Christopher J. Hadnagy is a security consultant, author, speaker, and professional social engineer. He is the Founder and CEO of Social‐Engineer, LLC, a consulting and training company specializing in social engineering (SE). In 2009, Chris launched Social-Engineer.Org which houses the world’s first Social Engineering Framework and Social Engineering Code of Ethics. Chris created the world’s first hands-on social engineering training course with accompanying certification, and authored one of the first books in the field of social engineering. He is also the Founder of the Innocent Lives Foundation who unmasks anonymous child predators.

Ian Rowland

Foremost Expert on Cold Reading, AKA The Mind Man

Ian, known famously as "The Mind Man," helps people and companies to be more successful by teaching amazing, transformative mind skills that deliver practical benefits in life and in business. He's the first and only person from outside the USA ever hired by the FBI, who asked him to teach cold reading and related communication skills to their field operatives. Other clients to date include Google, Coca-Cola, and the British Olympics Team. Ian authored several books on applied communication and psychology, ''The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading,'' ''How To Work For Yourself And Win,'' ''Persuasion Games'' (for Gilan Gork), ''No Worries'' (for Gary Turner), ''The POWA Principle'' (for James Brown) and ''The Prove-It Guy'' (for Liam O'Neill).

Ian Rowland's ''How To Be Psychic'' Workshop will explain and demonstrate the art of ''cold reading,'' which is how to talk to complete strangers so they think you're psychic. These are the same techniques used throughout the multi-million dollar psychic industry. Ian has given more demonstrations of cold reading under test conditions than anyone else in the world, and has even been hired to teach these and related techniques by the FBI. You'll learn how to make confident statements about literally any aspect of someone's life—even if you know nothing about them. The Workshop will also explain and demonstrate how some of these same communication techniques can be applied to other areas that have nothing to do with pretending to be psychic, such as business and sales.


Joe Navarro

Body Language Expert & FMR Spy-Catcher

For 25 years, Joe served as an FBI special agent specializing in behavioral assessment which he used successfully to catch spies. Since retiring, he has authored 13 books dealing with human behavior. Joe lectures worldwide to Fortune 500 companies on utilizing nonverbal intelligence. His book, ''Louder Than Words,'' was lauded by The Wall Street Journal as ''One of the six best business books to read for your career.'' And after a decade, "What Every BODY is Saying'' remains as the #1 selling book on body language in the world.

Joe Navarro's ''Nonverbal Communications'' Workshop will teach you:
• How body language is used to assess for inconsistencies between what is said and what is truly felt.
• If there are issues that are being concealed by a person as they answer questions.
• If there is a likelihood that information is being distorted, concealed, embellished, or lied about.
• How the body language and nonverbals (dress, attire, setting) influence politicians and their audience.
• What people are truly saying and thinking with their body language even without speaking.
• Which areas of the body are more honest than the others and why—the feet are the most honest part of the body.
• About influence, and those behaviors and things we can do to be more influential, from the clothes that we wear, to our mannerisms, to choices of color.


Robin Dreeke

FMR Chief, FBI Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program

Robin is the CEO of People Formula and Behavioral Analysis Expert, and a best-selling author, professional speaker, trainer, facilitator. He is the former FBI Special Agent and Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program. Robin is passionate about the power of building healthy professional relationships by inspiring trust. Whether it is a C-suite executive who is leading an international firm, or account manager building a client base and community relationships...prosperity and mutual success can be achieved with Robin's cognitive and action-based approach to what most think is an elusive art form.

Robin Dreeke's ''Code of Trust & Sizing People Up'' Workshop goes from the tools of rapid rapport to the craft of high-level trust and healthy strong relationships. This Workshop will include a discussion on behavioral analysis and framing the content and background. Then, the five steps of trust that focus on the tangible cognitive actions required for every interpersonal outcome desired. The content is based on Robin's life's work and his background as the retired head of the FBI Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program and a career of recruiting spies. The Workshop will conclude with examples of The Code of Trust in action as well as self development exercises. Ultimately, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the power of relationships and how those relationships are the cornerstone to any progress and forward movement in every aspect of life, whether as a SE, professional, spouse, or parent.

R Paul_Wilson

R Paul Wilson

Elite Con Artist, Magician, Filmmaker

R Paul Wilson has executed more con games than anyone in history and is the foremost expert in cons and scams. Thanks to his experience over eleven seasons of The Real Hustle, he knows how con artists think and act when manipulating their victims. This is social engineering at its most powerful and Paul's ability to deceive is founded in a lifetime surrounded by magic, illusion, casino cheating and gambling sleight of hand. With just a little understanding of how magicians and cheaters think can super charge your understanding of deception and reveal countless strategies that can be applied to verbal and psychological manipulation. No one in history has successfully pulled so many confidence tricks or talked so many people out of their money and their personal data with so many methods. Learn how Paul thinks, the sources he draws from and the vast catalog of techniques in his personal arsenal.

R Paul Wilson's ''Dark Side of the Hand'' Workshop will explore expert deception using pure skill and sleight of hand, including:
• How gambling games are beaten using feats of dexterity; how to palm anything; the art of the deal; switching techniques; mental manipulation; magical concealment.
• How magicians, advantage players and expert cheaters think and solve problems.


Stephanie Paul

International Actress & Executive Coach

Stephanie takes great pride in internationally coaching executives, sales teams, TEDx speakers, women in leadership, and experts of all kinds to become master communicators. Her proven approach, ''Powerful Emotional Engaging Presentations,'' draws upon her 29 years of rich and diverse entertainment experience. Her talents take many forms—as an actress who has worked in 10 international TV and Film markets, as an improv, stand up, and sketch comedian, a director, producer, writer, and public speaker.

Stephanie Paul's ''Caution: Using Influential Communication, Seduces Profound Connection'' Workshop is a highly entertaining, fun, and interactive training that teaches dynamic, simple tools to help effectively navigate communication with creatively-driven science. Through a series of studies, Stephanie succinctly explains why her tricks of the entertainment trade, games, and preparation tools work in the real world and why they are so effective. Stephanie empowers her audiences and encourages them to be innovative, disrupt their thinking, and shape engaging messages consciously for maximum-effect inspiring motivation. This style of training ultimately propels confidence to share and discover consciously for deeper and stronger levels of connection and collaborative communication within teams and leadership.


Nick Furneaux

Cryptocurrency, Forensics, & Security Global Expert

Nick is the Managing Director of CSITech and author of "Investigating Cryptocurrencies," the only book in the world to teach cryptocurrency crime investigating techniques. For the past 25 years, Nick has provided cyber security and digital forensics consultancy for companies and law enforcement institutions in the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia, and has lectured on the subject to numerous organizations. Nick is currently working with and training Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Corporate personnel throughout the world in various forms of digital forensic investigations. His specialties include advanced open source intelligence gathering techniques, Cryptocurrency crime, and RAM analysis.

Nick Furneaux's ''Can You Find the Toothbrush?'' Workshop will challenge you, the OSINT investigator, to look ''beyond the obvious'' to see intelligence that can easily be missed when researching online. By suppressing visual bias and ignoring what we expect to find, we can locate and infer evidence that is missed by many researchers. This Workshop will provide practical methods that we can use to see the data behind the data.
(LIMITED Capacity: 25)


Dov Baron

'Inc. Magazine' Top Influence & Leadership Guru

Dov has been speaking internationally for more than 30 years on the evolving world of NextGen leadership. He is twice-cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers, a Top 100 Motivational Speaker, and a Top 30 Global Leadership Guru. He is a bestselling author of several books, host of the #1 podcast for Fortune 500 listeners globally, and host of a national TV show. Dov has been featured in CNN, CBS, USA Today, CEO, Entrepreneur, and many more.

Dov Baron's ''How to Thrive in the AI Age! Leadership Skills in the Year 2030'' Workshop will explore the question, ''How can I guarantee that I won’t be part of the 40% who is replaced or made irrelevant by automation in the next 15 years?'' From this hands-on Workshop, you'll understand “Human Dynamics”—the hidden forces that drive all humans to achieve. In this workshop you will:

• Tap into the two driving forces of all human beings
• Decide what to specialize in to thrive in the age of AI
• Learn and practice the skills of cognitive agility
• Discover how to bond with anyone instantly
• Grow the new bottom line of success
• Understand the 3 key ways to differentiate yourself in the AI age


Brittney M. Caldwell

Actress & Master Deceptionist

Brittney is the owner of The Vacation Theatre Group, a freelance actor, playwright, and director from San Diego, CA. She holds 15 years of performance experience and directs Social-Engineer, LLC’s Masters Level Social Engineering course. Brittney believes in the power of performance as a teaching tool. Her work focuses on using her skills as an acting coach to help facilitate specialized training for companies and individuals to improve their own training or presentation skills within non-performative industries.

Brittney M. Caldwell's ''Acting like a Human: The Guide to Hacking Humans with Ease'' Workshop uses the same techniques that make actors look natural and easy on stage to make you feel natural and easy in real life. You'll learn how to quiet your own discomfort in order to engage targets with ease, spark conversation, and build rapport naturally. Through the use of exercises, both structured and unstructured, you'll explore the basic skills of conversational acting. You'll leave with a repertoire of relaxation and warm-up exercises, physical self-awareness, character development tools, and goal-based strategy from which to build upon for the use of engaging targets. Execution of the basic acting skills will be demonstrated in the form of in-class performances of monologues and in scene work as well as group activities. Upon completion of the workshop, you will:
• Have a greater awareness of themselves in various aspects such as physically, vocally, mentally, and emotionally.
• Have a strategy to keep themselves calm and on-task while engaging.
• Learn how character development is the building block to natural conversation.
• Have simple ways to prepare in order to feel confident in engagements.
(LIMITED Capacity: 30)

Amanda Berlin

Technologist & Mental Health Hacker

Amanda is a Senior Security Analyst for Blumira and the CEO and owner of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Mental Health Hackers. She is the author for a Blue Team best practices book called ''Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure'' with Lee Brotherston through O'Reilly Media. She is a co-host on the ''Brakeing Down Security'' podcast and authors several blogs. She has spent over a decade in different areas of technology and sectors providing infrastructure support, triage, and design. She now spends her time creating as many meaningful alerts as possible.

Amanda Berlin's Workshop, ''Mental Health for Professionals'' will discuss issues information security professionals may struggle with mentally as human beings, and more specifically, as people in information security and other technical roles. This Workshop will include group exercises and content from the Mental Health First Aid program. Upon conclusion of this Workshop, you should be able to walk away with a better understanding of mental health issues and how to help yourself and those around you.